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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Star Explodes in Brightest Supernova

NASA/CXC/UC Berkeley/N.Smith et al.

Shield Your Eyes: A Wild Orbit
This artist's illustration gives life to observations made by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and ground-based optical telescopes. Supernova SN 2006gy is the brightest and most energetic stellar explosion ever recorded, and may be a long-sought new type of explosion.

Seth Borenstein, Associated Press
May 7, 2007 — A massive exploding faraway star — the brightest supernova astronomers have ever seen — has scientists wondering if a similar celestial fireworks show may light up the sky much closer to Earth sometime soon.

The discovery, announced Monday by NASA, drew oohs and aahs for months from the handful of astronomers who peered through telescopes to see the fuzzy remnants of the spectacular explosion after it was first spotted last fall.

Using a variety of Earth and space telescopes, astronomers found a giant exploding star that they figure has shined about five times brighter than any of the hundreds of supernovae ever seen before, said discovery team leader Nathan Smith of the University of California at Berkeley. The discovery was first made last September by a graduate student in Texas."This one is way above anything else," Smith told The Associated Press. "It's really astonishing."

Smith said the star, SN2006gy, "is a special kind of supernova that has never been seen before."

Observations from the Chandra X-ray telescope helped show that it didn't become a black hole like other supernovae and skipped a stage of star death.

Unlike other exploding stars, which peak at brightness for a couple of weeks at most, this supernova, peaked for 70 days, according to NASA. And it has been shining at levels brighter than other supernovae for several months, Smith said.

And even at 240 million light years away, this star in a distant galaxy does suggest that a similar and relatively nearby star — one 44 trillion miles away — might blow in similar fashion any day now or 50,000 years from now, Smith said. It wouldn't threaten Earth, but it would be visible to people in the Southern Hemisphere, he said.

Monday, May 7, 2007

NORA: The Piano-Playing Cat, YouTube Star and SO Cute

I don't know about you, but I fell in love with her instantly!

Nora has been bringing smiles to faces around the globe since January 28, 2007 when her video was first posted on YouTube.

Nora's Bio:
Nora (named after the surrealist artist Leonora Carrington) began playing the piano on her own. She plays even when she is alone in the room. She really enjoys playing duets with a student playing on the second piano.

Nora has five feline brothers and sisters and are: Miro (after Jean Miro), Gabby (after Gabriel Faure), Max (after Max Ernst), Clara (after Clara Schuman) and Rennie (after Rene Magritte).

See Nora's further bio (includes special photos by Eric Mencher) and photos of her feline brothers and sisters on her official website here.

During your visit there, download Nora Desktop Wallpaper!

Nora's Official Website!
Raven's Wing Studio

Watch the You Tube video below and the sequel beneath it!
YouTube Profile

Celebrity Couple Name Maker

Make your own moniker like Brangelina and TomKat. Does your partner have a good name? Now you can find out here.

Cool? Hot? Post it here in comments! Have fun!

photo inspiration

Johnny Depp
-possibly the sexiest man that ever lived.

favorite quote

"I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun." Katharine Hepburn
May 12, 1907 - June 29, 2003

My Exploration In Pictures: The New Tomb Raider

photo 1 "identify"

Exploring a complex and world class genius, gymnast, writer, hero, "seeker of truth" and secrets of a legendary Tomb Raider.

A Lady defined as Unexplained, Mysterious and Downright Unbelievable.

My exploration in pictures...

Monday, April 16, 2007

favorite lead, rockstar and band!

Birthday: March 26
ST / Aerosmith, favorite photo

Monday, December 11, 2006

the grudge

One morning you're getting ready for work and there's a smudge on the bathroom mirror.


A smudge.

You've got 20-minutes to dress, dry, curl lashes, gloss and fish for clothes...

[dryer blows] s#*!

cell phone rings...

vm transfer. vm transfer. vm transfer. VM TRANSFER?


beep. Finally, voicemail transfer.

bleep, bleep, bleep
[number of incoming text messages]

Where's the phone. Where's the phone? Where the hell is the phone!
[full-speed marathon to the kitchen]

Cat's annoyed. Fish are hungry. Sink is full.

Coffee's ready though!

DAMN! Coffee's cold.

ring... ring... ring... ring...
[sounds like coming from the livingroom]

Look out kitty. Look out. Move. Move. Move please. Off the couch. MOVE CAT! Phone is here somewhere...

Where did it go...

Ahhh! Mascara! Found it!
[skip to the bathroom mirror]

bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep
[number of incoming text messages again]

@#%! @#%!
[yes you're beautiful and looking mighty fine and just a wee tad busy and still haven't even found the phone yet]

hm? [smudge again] what? [smudge] what is it? [it's a smudge] well, why is it here? [it's a msg] it's a, hmm can't make it out. [it's a msg] a what? [it's a message] oh. oh, i see, looks kinda smudged. [read it] huh? [read it] hm. [check it] check it? [yes, check it, get closer] oh, i haven't got time for this sh...

OMG! @#%! @#%! That's not a smudge -- that's a GRUDGE!

[you got it] [it certainly is] [now call]

20-seconds to call, EEK! 19-seconds to call...

[trip and fall to the livingroom] @#%! @#%! @#%!

16.5-seconds to call...

What the HELL did i do with that PHONE!


OH sh*t! There's nothing here!
[couch turns]

It's not here! It's not here! [say it louder this time]

IT'S NOT HERE, IT'S NOT HERE! [ohhhhh so that's how you wake the dead]



8 [1 mississippi] 7 [2 mississippi] 6 [3 mississippi]...


The numbers on the mirror--QUICK!--what do they say!

dialing, dialing, dialing, dialing, 0 + _ _ _ _ _ + _________ + _ _ _ _ _
[freak out about now over the number of numbers]


Hey K, it's me, told you I'd call!

Copyright © 2007 Kimberley Nic All rights reserved.

Whois? My Stereo Magnet Girl
It all started in Australia...
The Story:

MSMGirl lives in Canada but was discovered in Australia by ANOTHERSUSPECT.

THE STORY behind it goes that her smile was hard to miss for when ANOTHERSUSPECT saw it the very first time he said, "H0LY $#*! Your smile is as big as a stereo magnet!"

Sure - amazed he was - but this stunned her for a moment for what exactly was a "stereo magnet" and what did it look like?!

At the same time she laughed out loud of course--who couldn't help but laugh at that--it was charming, sweet, incredibly odd but unique + surprisingly caught her in a cool way. It was at this moment, quixotic as it was, she thought of her attraction to rock music and her stereo...

And so, here became the story of My Stereo Magnet Girl.

Together they created THE K&K SHOW; a reported internet radio mix of the two of them speaking to PEOPLE LIKE YOU ALL OVER THE WORLD.

> Launch Official Site
> Visit ANOTHERSUSPECT (aka: The 'K' Man)

A Smile as BIG as a Stereo MAGNET with a strong attraction to Rock Music :)